We have a new name! Check out this video detailing the reasons for the change, which took effect in December 2019.

Workmens Circle membersThe Workers Circle powers progressive Jewish identity through Jewish cultural engagement, Yiddish language learning, multigenerational education, and social justice activism.

For over a century, The Workers Circle has provided this 360-degree approach to Jewish identity-building. Through contemporary cultural traditions, joyful holiday celebrations, timely social justice campaigns, vibrant Yiddishkayt, interactive educational programs and more, we connect Jewish adults, kids and families of all affiliations with their cultural heritage, working to build a better and more beautiful world for all.

Our home base in Chicago is SketchPad, a shared workspace for Jewish nonprofit organizations. Our children’s classes and many holiday celebrations take place here.

The Chicago school and community are part of a national organization headquartered in New York City. Visit the national website to learn more about the history and commitments of the national group.